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Master 8 Different Gestures!

Tap , Double Tap, Swipe, Drag, Tap & Hold, Drag and many more! Master all the 8 gestures needed to match all the unique viruses!

Real Time Rendered Cutscenes

Experience the campaign with a compelling story through over 10mins of in-game cutscenes! Discover and solve the origins of the MegaVirus!

Become a Master Virologist

Put your skills to the test in this Match 4 game for the hardcore! Complete the 26 level campaign, and then challenging yourself in arcade mode!

Cell Surgeon is a unique Match 4 game that requires skill & strategy!

This isn't your every day casual matching game. Its Match 4 for the hardcore!


Game Features

  • Experience 26 intense levels in Campaign Mode!
  • Discover 9 unique viruses that makes up the Megavirus!
  • Perform many different touch gestures with Intuitive controls!
  • Over 10 mins of 3D animated in-game cutscenes!
  • Master 3 Powerups: Bioclaw, Injection, Antibiotics, that isn't an In-App Purchase gimmick!
  • Defeat the Megavirus through intense boss fights!
  • Beat the game to unlock Arcade mode, and try to play for highscore.


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