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Sydney, Australia
June 2012
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InJoyLabs was founded by Carlton Zhu in 2012, as a commitment to finally complete/publish a game from start to finish and break free from the trap of never finishing projects. Whilst not an actual in house studio, the remote team has grew involved several members over the years, all committing their passion and spare time to develop games whilst juggling full-time work. The team has since released 2 titles: Draw a Box & Cell Surgeon, with their next title Hungry Pets already deep in development.

Their 1st Game - Draw A Box

Draw A Box was their first game release in 2014, in response to the Flappy Bird craze. Like most game devs, the Flappy Bird era was the moment of realisation that a simple game can be just as effective as a big game! Hence Draw A Box was completed within 3 months (and another 3 months to create additional content).

Whilst not commercially successful, with only 20,000 downloads as a freemium model, it played a pivotal role of learning about the marketing and publishing for the first time. This awesome presskit is the outcome from the lessons of failure that Draw A Box went through in marketing and publishing.

Their 2nd Game - Cell Surgeon

Cell Surgeon originated as a Global Game Jam 2012 game! The game was originally created using VIRTOOLS game engine. It was later ported to UNITY post game jam as a means of learning the Unity engine, since it was becoming the trend.

The game has been mainly developed through spare time over weekends, and have been in development for 4 years! What started off as a learning project, grew into a commitment to finish the game, with various new members joining in to work on concept Art, sound, script, voiceover and cinematics! It would be released in 2016.

About Cell Surgeon

IOS (Iphone & Ipad) & Android
Release Date:
19th March 2016

What is Cell Surgeon

Cell Surgeon is a unique Match 4 indie game, that isn't your every day casual matching clone. Its Match 4 for the hardcore player!

Set in a Scifi future, you play as Dr Rylus, an amateur virologist who has been called to save Neutron City from a deadly virus that has just crash landed on Earth! The core gameplay focuses on the many various gestures capable on a mobile device. Players must tap, swipe, double tap, Tap n Hold, and many other gestures to match 4 viruses on a nucleus, and there are 9 unique viruses each with a different gesture requirement.

Another core focus in the game is the narrative, which is conveyed through in-game realtime rendered cutscenes. Being a portrait game, the cutscenes are also displayed in portrait view, providing a unique change from traditional landscape cinematics, as it tells the story of Dr Rylus' mission to finding the cure to the deadly Megavirus.

Game Features

  • Experience 26 intense levels in Campaign Mode!
  • Discover 9 unique viruses that makes up the Megavirus!
  • Perform many different touch gestures with Intuitive controls!
  • Over 10 mins of 3D animated in-game cutscenes!
  • Master 3 Powerups: Bioclaw, Injection, Antibiotics, that isn't an In-App Purchase gimmick!
  • Defeat the Megavirus through intense boss fights!
  • Beat the game to unlock Arcade mode, and try to play for highscore.

Team / Credits

Core Team

Carlton Zhu
Founder, Programmer, Director

Pierre Duyker

Ryan Shiu
2D Artist

Myles Blasonato
Script Writer

Other Collaborators

  • Jae Ahn - 3D Artist
  • Imran Ahmed - Animator
  • Artshu Yoksenakul - Animator
  • Tadashi Kudo - Animator
  • Katie Harvey - Voice Actor
  • Jim Keeley- Voice Actor
  • Darren Marlar - Voice Actor

(Left to Right)
Ryan Shiu & Carlton Zhu

(Top) Carlton Zhu & Earl Vicente
(Bottom) Pierre Duyker & Carlton Zhu


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